Minnesota Twin Registry
About Twins
What's Special About Twins to Science?
By studying identical and fraternal twins and their families, we can estimate how genes and environment interact to influence character, strengths, vulnerabilities, and values. To find out more about twin research, why twins are so special to science, and the kind of work that your contribution makes possible -
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We are excited to announce a collaboration between the Minnesota Twin Registry (MTR) and the Carolina African American Twin Study of Aging (CAATSA) - click here.
Research Findings
Read about some of what the University of Minnesota's Twin Researchers have learned over the years of working with twins just like you - click here.
Meet Our Staff!
Since everyone involved in the Twin Study shares so much of themselves and their time with us, the staff at the Twin Study decided that it was time for us to share something with you. To find out more about the people who work behind the scenes at the Minnesota Twin Registry - click here.